Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Scientific Careers Research and Development Group

Materials to Assist Others Engaged in Research Training and Interventions

Mentoring for Success: Developing Fundamental Skills for Biomedical Research

This project is experimenting with the creation of new electronic tools to teach oral and written scientific communication skills.  As an adjunct to the focus of CLIMB on group-based mentoring/coaching, a series of 10-15 minute long presentations are being created. Their design uses voiced-over PowerPoint animations to teach and exemplify key elements of effective presentations and writing coming from the perspective of rhetorical patterns.  They are designed to be useful as stand-alone guides or as adjuncts to individual and group-based mentoring/coaching. These tools have been field-tested in both CLIMB and our Grant Writer's Groups as adjuncts to our interactive group activities.  Most of the guides for scientific writing are based on core elements of NIH-style research proposals. The modules are hosted on the CLIMB YouTube channel and are being updated as they are completed, tested and/or revised.  Those that are currently available can be found in the CLIMB Resources.

Funded by
R25 GM07930-03S1 - ARRA Supplement